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Post by Lee Marchant on Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:01 pm

Welcome to the BARLA-Utmost Forum, to discuss everything to do with your Rugby Club and BARLA in general.

This site is funded and administered by Members of the UTMOST affinity group, and we would ask you to take a few minutes to read and understand this relationship with your governing body. and how we are working in many ways to improve things for all the clubs within BARLA.

We have a set of rules for all members to follow as we have good experience of running messageboards, and have found that if people follow the few rules as outlined below, that the forum is a much nicer place to visit!

Once again, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these, and welcome onboard!

We have a set of rules and points of etiquette that we ask every user to respect and adhere to while using the messageboard. This isn't because we want to appear draconian, it's to ensure the smooth running of the forum and to make sure it doesn't descend into chaos like other forums often do. They are as follows:

*DO respect other forum members' opinions, even if they differ from your own.

*DO check that a topic you want to start hasn't already been posted - Forums like this can be very busy, so it may have slipped off the first page.

*DO check that what you are writing is relevant to the forum you are on. Any post deemed unsuitable to the forum topic will be moved.

*DO respect decisions taken by the Admin Team, even if you don't agree with them.

*DO contact a member of the Admin Team if you have a problem.

*DO NOT deliberately start arguments. This is known as "trolling". It is usually very easy to spot, and offending threads will be locked or deleted.

*DO NOT make sarcastic comments or imply that a thread is "boring" just because it doesn't interest you. If it doesn't interest you, please simply ignore the thread.

*DO NOT make personal comments or detract away from the thread topic simply because someone else holds a contrary viewpoint.

*DO NOT make threats or implied threats towards other members, even if you are "joking". The written media does not portray "jokes" like that very well.

*DO NOT post comments that are libellous or potentially libellous. Anything deemed to fall into this category will be deleted without warning. The Administrators of this forum could be prosecuted for libellous content posted by another forum member. It is our responsibility, as the Admin Team, to exert reasonable control over forum content to this end, which is of course publicly visible.

*DO NOT use CAPITAL LETTERS in topic titles, nor excessively large fonts in posts. Not only is this construed as shouting, it also causes problems for users browsing the forum on mobile devices.

*DO NOT start a new topic that repeats a theme of a topic that has been locked or deleted by a member of the Admin Team. It was locked/deleted for a reason.

*DO NOT post "Where's my post gone?" messages. If a message you posted was deleted, it will have been for a reason. Contact one of the Admin Team if this continues to bother you.

*DO NOT write in "text speak". We are fortunate that the Internet is not like text messaging, in that it allows an unlimited number of letters, numbers and special characters to be printed. Please write in plain English.

*DO NOT criticise other members for bad grammar or poor spelling, some people have genuine difficulties with written English, it does not make their thoughts less valid.

*DO NOT involve a forum member's personal life in forum discussions unless the discussion directly involves that member and he/she is happy for it to be discussed. If you are in any doubt, don't post it.

*DO NOT post porn or other adult content. There are plenty of websites available for that sort of stuff, and children do use this site.

*DO NOT post racist and/or sexist messages.

*DO NOT post politically sensitive messages.

*DO NOT use the forum for spamming or scamming our members. There is a forum specifically for affinity partners to offer their services.

*DO NOT post "FAO: " messages. Use the Private Message system.

*DO NOT post personal information on the forums. We recommend you don't post that sort of information in Private Messages either, while we believe our database is secure, you are advised to take your own security precautions as well.

*DO NOT copy and paste entire articles from other websites on the forum. It is almost certainly a breach of copyright and it is all members responsibility to help protect the forum. It is fine to place a link to the source

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