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Post by Sam Armstrong on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:07 am

From the NW Counties 13-15's Website ....

In a surprise, but very positively received move, NW Counties 13-15’s League Secretary Sam Armstrong met with BARLA Chair Spen Allison and Youth Chair Carole Land at Golborne Parkside to discuss issues regarding the League’s membership of the Association and its concerns for the future of the Youth/Junior game.

Whilst some differences of opinion remain on the interpretation & chronology of events which led to the NW Counties 13-15’s League’s status as Full BARLA members being downgraded, reassurances were however received of the Association’s continued long term commitment to Youth/Junior matters.

Rumours of “power struggles”, “desires to see the demise of the Association” and “attempts to undermine the Board” which continue to be circulated by “mischief makers” were discussed and categorically quashed as Sam Armstrong reiterated that the NW Counties League’s always have and continue to be fully supportive of the ethos of BARLA.

The Leagues’ aims remain to have the right of representation for their players/Clubs, an opportunity to voice and air their concerns (when required) and, most importantly, an active input in the decision making process relating to the future development of the Youth/Junior game which affects their relevant age-groups. Failure to argue and press for this type of representation would, it was explained, mean that those elected to represent the League would be failing their Members.

It was, with a feeling of regret acknowledged, by both parties, that too much water had been allowed to flow under the bridge by not getting round the table sooner, and, that this had not helped resolve the impasse.

Sam Armstrong explained that, at the next monthly meeting of the NW Counties 13-15’s an SGM to vote on what direction the League takes was to be taken. Clubs will be given the choice of 4 options i.e.:

  • Re-apply for Full membership of BARLA and have voting rights via them
  • Remain as Associate Members of BARLA with no voting rights via them
  • Remain as Associate Members of BARLA but register our votes via the RFL’s Community Boards’ “Other Leagues”
  • Leave BARLA completely and seek representation solely via the RFL’s Community Boards’ “Other Leagues”

It was recognised that there are pros and cons for each option and subsequently an invite was extended to both Spen & Carole to attend the meeting to enable them have their input and explain what, they believe, to be the benefits of the Association to the League’s membership. It was acknowledged, however, that this invite was at quite short notice and therefore a genuine offer to read out, in an unbiased way, any correspondence sent by Spen/Carole was offered if they could not make the meeting in person.

Everyone agreed that the meeting, which had been kindly brokered by Eric Czerwionka, MD of the Utmost Group who had been instrumental in facilitating the new BARLA Forum, had finally given both parties an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding the current scenario, helped clear up damaging rumours and had been an extremely constructive and positive step forward.

The BARLA Chairs’ acknowledgement that, whatever decision was made on Wednesday, the BARLA door would continue to remain open to the League was very warmly welcomed.

The League also took the opportunity to bring BARLA up to date on initiatives that the NW Counties 13-15's were developing including the recently purchased exhibition stand trailer which is to be used to help player recruitment by the League's clubs across the region, the recent sponsorship of the League by Kukri Sports and the continuing plans for the NW Counties Cup competitions to make the Finals Day a day which players will hopefully always remember.

All in all, a good meeting and hopefully indicative of future dealings between the League & BARLA.
Sam Armstrong
Sam Armstrong

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"It's Good To Talk!!" Empty Re: "It's Good To Talk!!"

Post by Big Bad Bri on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:02 pm

Finally a bit of common sense,
well done chair and sam,
lets hope something comes from it.

Big Bad Bri
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