Hi All, let me introduce myself

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Hi All, let me introduce myself Empty Hi All, let me introduce myself

Post by Lee Marchant on Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:21 pm

Hi guys,

my name is Lee,

I have set this forum up at the request of the Utmost group, as I have had years of experience at hosting, running and moderating forums of this nature.

I enjoy Rugby, and have been to quite a few BARLA matches over the last 12 months as the relationship with the governing body has developed, and have found all to be a loverly bunch.

I have to confess to being a football fan first, and the club at my heart is little old Southampton as that is where I come from, (yeah! yeah! a soft southerner Rolling Eyes )...

I wouldn't call myself a fan, but have always liked Bradford as a superleague team...

I'll be around for a while to help get the site running properly, and hopefully once it reaches a certain point, I'll be able to take a step back and let a few of you guys take care of it day to day....

I'm looking for a few moderators to handle updates and messages for every club, ideally that person would be on the club's commitee board, and be able to dedicate a little bit of time on a regular basis, if you think you can help, please send me a pm..
Lee Marchant
Lee Marchant

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Hi All, let me introduce myself Empty Affinity Partner

Post by David Ex on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:40 am

Hi all

Im David one of the affinity partners to Utmost, please feel free to check out www.motyourcar.com i hope it would be of assistance to you, and a way for your club to gain financial help from our business.

I used to be a hooker for Southampton 2nd team many years ago, (but picked up to many std's) Razz so switched position.

Although I am not to conversant with all clubs I will admit i am a novice to the history of BARLA, but with the partnership with Utmost I am sure in time i will be more informed.

I hope over the next 12 months to visit many clubs and introduce myself as we build relationships in the Utmost family.
David Ex
David Ex
Affinity partner
Affinity partner

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