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Post by Lee Marchant on Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:05 am

Just to let you guys know a little about this,

The affinity group has been set up to work alongside both BARLA and the clubs within BARLA.

Utmost is an Insurance Introducer, which has links to most of the major Insurance Providers in the UK.

We know that Insurance costs are a burden to all the clubs, so Utmost and BARLA came up with a scheme which generates income streams for the Clubs.

Essentially, Utmost allow you to offer very reasonably priced policies (often with a price match guarantee) to everyone involved with your club, and a commision goes straight back into the clubs coffers. There is no cost to the club for this and all clerical work is done for you. On top of this you will get access to the many great services offered by the ever growing list of Affinity partners, and UTMOST will assist in finding sponsorships and fundraising ideas for the clubs wherever they can. We have already helped out a few clubs in this way and more news on some of this will follow shortly

Of course, Player Injury Insurance is one of the talking points at the moment, and UTMOST have managed to put together some great club and league policies in this field.

The Stadium/ground and Property Insurances is also an area where we are striving to drive the price down for all of the BARLA clubs who are burdened with this.

This has all been put into place for you guys to benefit, so please don't be shy in coming forward and is all part of BARLA's intention to make itself and all the full member clubs, more financially independant....

Take a few moments to look at the Affinity group website (

and the Sports Insurance site

It is very simple to get these things up and running at your club, and the UTMOST guys are always happy to have a friendly chat to see how they can help in any way.

In this forum, you will find some information on a few of the partners, if you would like to offer your companies services through the affinity group, and to see what we have to offer, please use the pm system to contact the admin, or alternatively use the contact forms on the websites mentioned above.

Any questions about this can be posted on this thread
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