BARLA chairman welcomes you to the Forum

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BARLA chairman welcomes you to the Forum Empty BARLA chairman welcomes you to the Forum

Post by Lee Marchant on Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:15 am

Dear Members,

I would like to welcome you to the New BARLA forum, which is designed to operate in conjunction with the official BARLA website.

There has been some criticism, (some justified, some not) over the lack of communication that exists within BARLA, this new forum has been specifically structured to help alleviate these issues, and to encourage direct, transparent dialogue to the BARLA board of management, which will be visible to all members of the forum.

We may not be able to respond instantly to any questions that are posed, but we will endeavour to answer any reasonable question as soon as possible.

I am told that this is a 'first' for any major governing sports body.

There were concerns over the practicalities of introducing an internet forum such as this under the BARLA banner, and the administrator has been instructed to curb any unnecessary personal abuse or ‘mud slinging’.

I feel it is worth remembering the “respect” campaign in this instance, and encourage all members to use the forum in a courteous and civilised manner for which it is intended.

I would like to express the gratitude of BARLA to the UTMOST affinity group for undertaking the work involved in putting a large project like this together on our behalf and at no cost to the membership, they are also helping by providing the administration to ensure the smooth running of the site.

The partnership that we have in place with UTMOST is part of a long term strategy to make BARLA (and our full members) financially independent and to bring additional revenue streams into your clubs.

In return for the opportunity to quote on all our Insurance requirements, UTMOST are assisting the day to day needs of BARLA and all the clubs that have joined the scheme we have put in place.

The full list of opportunities and benefits that are available to all Full Members is continuing to grow every day, and the conception of the affinity group is starting to pay dividends in the manner that we envisaged, and as demonstrated in the creation of this forum.

We do not wish to respond to every negative article or baiting tactic that may appear in the press, and feel that the progress that we are making is now becoming obvious for all to see. Of course there are issues that still require resolving, and rest assured, the board of management are tackling these issues vehemently.

I will issue some further statements on this forum over the next few weeks, updating you all on the progress we are making.

If there are any questions that you would like answering or any problems that the BARLA board of management can assist you with, then this forum is now the place to ask!

Thank you for your time,

Spen Allison.
BARLA Chairman.
Lee Marchant
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