BARLA/Northern Rail Youth Cup Finals

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BARLA/Northern Rail Youth Cup Finals Empty BARLA/Northern Rail Youth Cup Finals

Post by Sam Armstrong on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:51 am

How atrociously poor is the fact that BARLA's premier Youth & Junior competition the BARLA/Northern Rail Cup Finals do not even warrant a mention on the main BARLA website and yet warrant a full piece on the RFL's website & in it's Community Bulletin???
See here ..

Yet again the RFL have to step in do what BARLA should be doing by publicly promoting BARLA' own events.

I also note that tickets, invitations, photographers etc and I dare say the venue too, have seemingly all been done by, what many consider to be "the enemy", Rugby League Services!!

Will those who still think BARLA remains capable of running independently finally start to wake up & smell the coffee and accept that without embracing and acknowledging the assistance and support of the RFL the Associations days as a meaningful force in the youth/junior game are numbered??

And yes, I am on my soap box again ... No

BARLA/Northern Rail Youth Cup Finals Soap-box
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