Featherstone Lions and Bradford Bulls join Affinity group

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Featherstone Lions and Bradford Bulls join Affinity group Empty Featherstone Lions and Bradford Bulls join Affinity group

Post by Lee Marchant on Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:59 am


Both Featherstone Lions and Bradford Bulls have joined the Utmost Affinity group within the last week, to generate extra Income for their respective clubs.

By a simple advert on their website visible to everyone who visits the site, commissions are made to the club for any Insurance policy that is taken out.

It's a win win situaton as we all have to buy Insurance anyway, and the club gets a big chunk of the commission.

The policies are no more expensive than they are anywhere else, and in many cases can be a lot cheaper!

Have a look at how the system works for these two clubs..

Featherstone Lions- here

Bradford Bulls- Here

This scheme works just as well for the Featherstone Lion's of this world as it does for the big boys like the Bulls..

In addition to the Insurance policies, there are many other reasons to Join the Affinity group.

  • You can get extra income from any Insurance claims work that arises in your area

  • The affinity member companies in your area (and we encourage all of your local sponsors) will give commisions for any business gained from any of our other members

  • On top of all this, Utmost can help in many otherways, (as has been seen on this forum), and we will assist in fundraisers, sponsorships, finding opportunities (such as the VAT claimback) etc...

For more information of how we can help your club call

01302 873877

or fill in the form HERE
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