FAO all club officials regarding UTMOST AFFINITY GROUP

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FAO all club officials regarding UTMOST AFFINITY GROUP Empty FAO all club officials regarding UTMOST AFFINITY GROUP

Post by Lee Marchant on Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:39 am

FAO all club officials regarding UTMOST AFFINITY GROUP UtmostBarlaBall+world+1

FAO all club officials regarding UTMOST AFFINITY GROUP _wsb_693x84_together+it+works

Dear Club

We are contacting you, to let you know about the exciting development opportunities that have arisen due to the unique partnership that Utmost Insurance Services now have in place with your governing body.

We are delighted to announce our unique arrangement is now applicable to all Amateur Rugby League teams which are associated to the BARLA leagues.

Although we are primarily an Insurance introducer, what we are offering the BARLA clubs is a fantastic opportunity to generate their own income, by receiving commissions for any policy that is gained by the supporters and members of your club.

It doesn't matter if you already have already recently renewed your insurance cover, or if you are happy with your current Insurer. It is still in your clubs interest to become part of the Utmost Affinity group in the near future.
By becoming part of the Affinity group, we can offer every kind of domestic and commercial insurance (for those who have their own businesses), to your members and Supporters , a percentage of which will go straight back into your Club using our unique branding system, where your club becomes an official partner to UTMOST! In addition to this, our partners can offer a “price match” for many kinds of policies providing excellent value for money to your fans and members.
All clerical work is carried out by our affinity partners, so there is no additional paperwork for your club to deal with, all you will receive is a regular update on all policies started (and leads) along with any payments due!
Our links with specialist Sports law firms, will also bring consultation and advice to any issues your organisation may encounter.

We can bring Sporting Celebrity functions to your organisation, including sponsorships, financial support to the youth development programs, and much much more!
In addition to this, we can link any of your members companies into our affinity group, providing new leads and contacts for them , whatever their area of business.
There will also be considerable benefits to your Sports Club or Association, our members include many regional companies (such as hotels, vehicle hire firms, mobile phone contracts etc) which can bring valuable savings to every aspect of your club.

The cost to your Club is absolutely nothing, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the club is.

This scheme is currently being taken up by many Professional Rugby and Football clubs, as well as your peers in BARLA, so don’t be left behind!

Our affinity website can be found at www.Utmost-affinintygroup.co.uk which you can visit for further information, but we much prefer to have a friendly chat over the phone!
For more details of how the Utmost Affinity group can work with your rugby club, please fill in our contact form and we will arrange a friendly informal meeting to get the ball rolling, or alternatively you can contact us on
01302 873877 or speak directly to Eric Czerwionka (MD of Utmost Affinity) on 07963 100526
Email : info@utmost.org.uk
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