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Easy Guide To Commisions from Motyourcar.com Empty Easy Guide To Commisions from Motyourcar.com

Post by David Ex on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:59 pm

I think it is important for some who are viewing this forum to understand how to benefit through Sponsorship, and how to "USE" the Affinity Partners.

I am still being overwhelmed by requests for sponsorship, although all are worthy of sponsorship, I am urging other Affinity Partners to look at these requests to see if indeed any are willing to donate however small.
I have commited to Portico Vine for three years, due to work commitments have been unable to meet up with Phil Naylor, however they are in my thoughts and hope to see them soon.

This in simple terms how it works with my company:

I run an online MOT Booking System, if you book your MOT through my site, via Utmost, I will pay a commision to BARLA who will in turn pass the commision on to the club that you have specified in your booking. If you encourage your friends, relations, to book this way, the commisions will be far greater. It's a win win situation for both my business and your Rugby Club.

In conjunction with the online booking service, we also have a Consultancy business that Quality Controls MOT Testing Stations. Again, if you introduce my business to your local MOT Testing Station and they sign up to one years Quality Control, I will pay in excess of £100 to your club. Ten MOT Stations is over £1000.00.

Here is an example of the service that we offer MOT Testing Stations:

  • If a testing station falls under any form of VOSA disciplinary, we will act on their behalf and attend all disciplinary action.
  • We attend what is known in the trade as an "Inverted Appeal"
  • We represent at Informal Hearing cases.
  • We appeal to the Parlimentry Ombudsman to overturn decisions made by the Secretary of State for Transport.
  • We Quality Control all MOT Testers.
  • We help with applications, leasings, local councils.

We have a 97% success rate in all of our appeals.

I hope this will help you all when talking to your local MOT Station, and inturn earning your club commision payments.

I think what is very important to note:

• This Affinity Partnership was set up by Utmost with BARLA to benefit BARLA clubs.
• Your enquiry must go through Utmost (A link is on this site on how to do this)

Also to note, a BARLA club recently recieved £1000.00 in commision, and all they did was switch their Insurance through one of the Affinity Partners.

As more Affinity Partners join, you will be able to purchase all you need through the partnership and earn commision on all that you purchase.

So again, get your friends, relatives to start using Utmost (but please remember to get them to state which club the commision is to be paid too).

Best regards

Dave Ex
David Ex
David Ex
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Affinity partner

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Easy Guide To Commisions from Motyourcar.com Empty Hia Dave

Post by naylz@portico on Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:54 pm

Sorry you've not been able to get down to watch us play (we've only had 1 game since we last spoke due to the weather). When you're ready for that drink just give me a ring and me and Ian (the other coach with me) will show you the bright lights of St. Helens. Phil Naylor Portico Vine

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