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Welcome all!

Post by Lee Marchant on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:00 pm

Welcome to the BARLA-Utmost forum,

BARLA are not responsible for any comments or items posted
on this forum unless directly attributed to a member of the board of

This website is funded and hosted by the UTMOST Affinity group

This forum is not intended to replace or to diminish the userbase of any other forum which caters for Amateur Rugby League.

It is intended to provide the following...

*A direct source of communication between the clubs and the BARLA board of
management , in an open and transparent environment.

*An Individual Club information page to include location(via google maps),
club badges, history, team picture etc.

*A facility for match reports, photos and video footage to be made available.

*A portal for club officials to discuss club/league issues and politics in a
constructive and civilised manner.

*A facility to publicise BARLA, Regional/ District league and club events/
functions to other BARLA clubs, associates and members.

*A dedicated area where clubs can request or advertise for equipment required
either for ground, training or clubhouse facilities (this can be either
donated or price agreed.)

*A dedicated sponsors area where the companies that BARLA have formed
relationships with can actively offer discounted, relevant and beneficial
services to the clubs and their members.

Please take a moment to visit the Affinity pages, and to read the Frequently asked questions, and forum rules page.

We would like to encourage all readers to register on the site, even if you do not intend to post regularly.

As the website is brand new, it looks a little bare at the moment.

We have the facilities for a photo gallery, an events calneder, a memorial page for those that have sadly gone, and many other ares, so please help us get of to a good start by contacting the admin or moderators, if you have anything that you feel would contribute to these things.

There are bound to be a few teething problems, especially in the first few days, so please let me know if you have any difficulties or issues with the software.

For those of you that are not use to the internet messageboard concept, please use the frequently asked questions, as highlighted above (or marked FAQ at the top of the page) as nearly all of the initial difficulties that people experience are explained in detail in that section.

If you are still struggling, please contact the admin team.

Here's to a hugely successful website!


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